Kris’s connection to spirit began at an early age. He was brought up in a very spiritual family, a Catholic mother, a father very involved in Eastern Religion and Philosophy, his favourite Aunt and cousin were avid new age meta-physicians, just to name a few, and this set the spiritual backdrop for Kris’s own spiritual development.

Kris grew up with a unique balance between mysticism and religion, between philosophy and the esoteric, pragmatism and idealism, knowledge and wisdom and reason and intuition. He discovered his own personal gifts and abilities both innate and learned ,that opened him up to a life of profound self– introspection, self- discovery and self- demonstration/revelation.

Kris has a breadth of Extrasensory abilities including Clairaudience, Clairsentience and Precognition. He innately has a certain sense of knowing, of deeply connecting with what is true and authentic on a universal scale and he often refers to being able to ‘smell it’ but in actuality he inhales the energy with his entire body.
The capacity to reach beyond
collective limitations and confines has been a life-long trait for Kris, as family, friends, and clients have always sought after his perception, clarity, and guidance in numerous arenas of their lives.

Kris’s generosity of spirit coupled with his passion for igniting the self-discovery in others has revealed his path. He is joyously committed to using all of his talents, abilities, and capacities to authentically live this path: as a

As a
Synergist, Kris uses his abilities to connect with, open up, and ignite in others, the very thing that they themselves on a higher unseen level, are so ready and willing to ignite; and that is the conscious sacred union between each of us and our Higher Self and thus step into your MOST MAGNIFICENT SELF. But even with the renewed choice to connect with our Higher Self, we need to clear away what is out of harmony with that sacred union in our: MIND, BODY, and SPIRIT; thus creating a synergistic whole, becoming a newer more enhanced version of ourselves.

Kris’s own spiritual search has taken him from Ashrams in India, Temples in Japan, Mosques in the Middle East, Churches and Holy Spaces across North and Central America and Europe, Basilicas across Italy, The Vatican and a myriad number of New Age, Meta-physical and Spiritual retreats, conventions and events across the world.
These experiences have reaffirmed in Kris, a passion and a calling towards spirituality, with all its depth, wonder and more importantly, its immensely humbling truths.


Someone who by contributing his/her own unique energy signature, can ignite a fundamental shift in another or others, resulting in a totally enhanced and profound transformation.